Classes Delray Beach

Delray Beach Group Fitness Aerobic Class Schedule
Updated: February 8, 2017

07:30am Group Training Strength Denise
08:30am Cardio Circuit Joe
09:30am Yoga Diane
11:00am Group Training Cardio Denise
04:30pm Pilates Roberta
05:30pm Booty Camp Angie Kat
06:30pm Fit Camp Angie Kat
06:30pm Min Spin® Roberta
07:30pm Unwind Stretch Angie Kat
07:30am Yoga Diane
08:30am Pump Joe A.
09:30am CardioCORE Mike
10:30am Stretch Yoga Angela
04:30pm Pilates Roberta
05:30pm 20/20/20 Roberta
06:30pm Yoga Diane
07:30am Core Tara
08:30am Spin® Margot
08:30am Cardio Circuit Angela
09:30am Yoga Tara
11:00am Group Training Strength Denise
04:30pm Power Stretch Roberta
05:30pm Upper Body Strength Sandy
06:30pm Spin® Roberta
06:30pm Hatha Yoga Diane
07:30am Pump Tara
08:30am Vinyasa Flow Diane
09:30am 20/20/20 Roberta
10:30am Pilates Roberta
04:30pm 30/30 Split Body Angela
05:30pm Plates & Ladders Sandy
06:30pm Yoga Fit Diane
07:30am Yoga Judy
08:30am Cardio Circuit Mike
09:30am 30/30 Split Body Angela
10:45am Slow Flow Diane
04:30pm Stretch/Balance Roberta
05:30pm Lower Body Strength Sandy
08:00am Spin® Becky
09:00am Pump Becky
10:00am Boot Camp Tara
11:00am Power Yoga Diane
08:30am Min Spin® Roberta
09:00am Pilates Roberta
10:00am 30/30 Split Body Roberta
11:00am Vinyasa Yoga Lara

Group Fitness Class Descriptions:

Kettlebell ‐ Swing your way to a leaner and stronger core. Develop strength, flexibility, endurance, power and explosiveness. This cardio strength workout does double duty burning calories while strengthening your muscles.

Spinning® ‐ pedal in groups, roll over hills, chase the pack, climb mountains and spin your way to burning calories and strengthening the lower body. Motivating music, awesome instructors and an inspiring group environment make for an exciting journey.

Yoga/Pilates ‐ Center your mind, stretch your muscles, strengthen your body. Experience yoga and better your overall fitness program.

Please wear athletic footwear to all Group Exercise classes except select mind/body classes – Yoga, Pilates, Mind/Body Fusion. Foam mats are available for use but it is recommended that you bring a yoga mat for mind/body formats.